Hiiiii guys!! Happy 2018! Talk about long time, no blog! I went into full vacay mode for the holidays and have had such a hard time getting myself to sit down and do a post. I love the start of the new year and all that brings, but I have to be real in that it can get a tad overwhelming with all the resolutions, crazy workout + diet talk everywhere and just the whole “new year, new me” stuff. Just because we are now writing 2018 instead of 2017, that shouldn’t have to mean you need to make all these drastic changes to yourself and your life. I am all for bettering oneself, I just think that when we try to make crazy adjustments to our norm we end up failing. Maybe by “we” I mean me (hence why I don’t do resolutions!) I just think it’s better to focus on all things in moderation and just live your life the best you can.

Over the holidays I had time to reflect, on the amazingness of 2017.  I couldn’t have ever dreamed I would grow my instagram to over 50k or that I would get to experience so many cool things (hello, fashion week!) in basically the first year of blogging. The amount of gratitude I have for all the support and love I received from friends, family, followers, brands and fellow bloggers is more than I could ever imagine (one of my favorite parts about this journey is all the people I have met along the way!) Plus, my hubby and I went on some amazing trips and the cake topper, we renewed our vows on our actual 10 year wedding anniversary (in Vegas with 18 friends!) I meaaaaan, I couldn’t be more thankful.

With that, my hope for 2018 is just to continue to share my love for fashion, to continue to inspire daily with my Instagram outfit posts, to continue to connect with my followers and to continue to build my brand. I would love the opportunity to work with more brands that I truly love. Last year I said no to some brands, not because I am above them or too cool, but because I will forever stay true to myself and that means only sharing looks that I actually wear in real life. I just think it’s so important to remain you and not get to the point where you are just putting things out there to make money. I would feel like I was lying (which I honestly feel shows in pictures. Or atleast I know that when I truly love a look it is obvious).

So 2018, let’s do this! No big changes for me, but instead just trying to do more and do it bigger. As always, if there are any things you guys would like to see (specific outfit posts etc), please message me!

I hope you have all had a great start to January! And also, I added a new tab “What I Am Loving” on my Menu bar where I am sharing my current wants + favorites, so be sure to check it out as I will keep it updated weekly.

Here are some of the things I am currently eyeing:

Thanks for reading, xo, Caro

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I cannot believe we are 10 DAYS away from Christmas! Time is flying and I still have so much to do before we leave for Portland next week. I have a fun girls holiday lunch on Monday and I needed a small gift for it, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my finds. I ADORE this time of year as I love love love giving gifts! I think it’s so fun to show the ones you love your gratitude with a little prize. Here are a bunch of cute little stocking stuffers or last minute mini gifts.

I hope you all have a really fab weekend! We have a fun dinner tonight and then we are going to watch the Newport Beach Boat Parade on Saturday night. It’s one of my most favorite things about living in Orange County. Basically people dress up their boats with amazing lights, music and floats and parade around the harbor. It’s so fun and festive!

Cheers to the season! xo, Caro

Hi guys! Happy Thursday! We have been having the CRAZIEST weather here in SoCal and I am so over it! It’s been cold and super windy (which has caused terrible fires everywhere), but today it’s getting hot and we are going to be back in the 80’s this weekend. Now if I was going on a tropical vacay I would be fine with those warm temps, but since it’s December and it’s supposed to be the holidays, I am so NOT into it. What I am into is all the faux fur and teddy bear jackets that are everywhere right now! Last night we went to our first holiday party of the season and I wore this Zimmermann romper (so obsessed!) and I paired it with this fun Topshop faux fur jacket (it’s sold out in most sizes so here and here are similar options). I just love the girlie and luxe feel of fur jackets. They are the best way to top off any look you want to dress up, but they are also so good with a simple tee and jeans!

Here are some more I am loving:

I hope you all have a great day! I am supposed to shoot some new looks, but with this wind situation we may not be able to! Wish me luck!
xo, Caro

Hi guys!! Happy Thursday and last day of November! This year has completely flown by and I cannot believe we are entering the last few weeks of 2017. This year has been absolutely amazing for me and I couldn’t be more excited for what 2018 holds. Since tomorrow marks the official start of all things holiday (LOL, if you know me, you know I started holiday-ing welllll before Thanksgiving. So let’s just pretend), I rounded up my current wish list!

Since my birthday is at the end of the month, this is combined. I am obviously totally eyeing a new Saint Laurent, I just haven’t decided on the style or color…feel free to message me your thoughts! I am going to go to South Coast this weekend to try them all on and will be sure to share on my stories! Also, be sure to shop my Gift Guides too (the tab is on the top right). Happy almost weekend! Hope you all have a great last day of the month!
xo, Caro