Happy Friday, friends! How are you all today? I am fab fab as we have a fun weekend ahead and I get to see my sweet momma on Sunday! I am so lucky to have a very stylish, hip mom who is also super kind, generous and loving. She inspires me on the daily to be a better person and also to never leave the house until I am dressed! It must be her Southern roots, but she is always perfection even just to go to the grocery and I really admire that!

anorak-5Anyways, back to todays post! I am having such a moment over anoraks, specifically over them paired with girly pieces. I know they have been on trend for years, but for some reason I am feeling them more now. This one, from BP, is a total steal ($69) and is super fab because you can cinch it in to give yourself more of a waist (we allllll know my obsession with giving yourself a waist!) I paired it with this pastel floral mini from Show Me Your Mumu. Now I know this dress might be a little short for some, so I 100% support wearing skinny jeans under it. I actually wore it like that on the way home from Vegas to stay warm on the plane!


I belted the dress just because that’s what I do and because honestly it’s super voluminous without it. I love pairing olive green and tan, so this belt from Love Strength was the perfect option. For shoes, I wanted to keep it flirty, so I went with these most fab velvet Steve Madden heels. Do you die or do you die?! I have to be honest, I got these in two other colors because they are that amazing! The heel is gold, which I just adore.


To tie in the soft pink shoes, I went with my blush Saint Laurent crossbody clutch. This color is sold out, but here is a fab neutral and other pink I love. For sunnies, I kept it in the blush tones with these (my signature faves that I wear nonstop) from Le Spec.


An anorak is so essential for Fall and so so easy to wear with so much! Obviously I prefer it with more girly pieces just because it’s a fun combo, but I also think it would be fab with a tee + jeans or with a tank + skirt too. That’s why I LOVE fashion.  Style is always and forever your OWN take on pieces. You should never feel like you need to wear certain things any certain way. Instead you should wear things that make you feel good and that are truly things that you like. Just a little important sidenote as I feel like sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of your own self when shopping. It’s fine to be inspired by others, but always always just be you!!

Here are some more flirty and fun dresses I am eyeing as well as a couple of additional anoraks (although I promise you this BP one is the best. Although the fun sequined adorned Topshop one is pretty fun!)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! We have dinner with some besties tonight, a fun store opening + dinner tomorrow and then my mom arrives Sunday for a quick couple of days. The weather is actually supposed to cool off a bit next week, so I am so looking forward to breaking out all the sweaters and fun boots! Anyways, enjoy your weekends and happiest shopping!

xo, Caro



  1. Kyla
    October 24, 2016 / 12:53 am

    Love how you paired the jacket with the floral dress! Love the sleeves rolled over like that!

  2. October 24, 2016 / 4:42 pm

    So many things I love about this look, but first, THOSE SHOES!!!! I mean 😻 That velvet with the gold heel.. perfection. I love it all! That jacket is a steal and I need! Hope you had a great weekend with your mama! You should post a picture of her! Would love to see where you get your fabulousness from 🙂

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