Hiii guys! What a slow week, right? Or is it just me because I went into total vacay mode last Thursday-Sunday? We had the most fab time in Vegas and are already trying to figure out how we can get back there again soon!


Today it’s all about my current crush on big cozy cardi’s and dainty lace camis. Both so on trend and so super wearable. This sweater by Cupcakes and Cashmere (who started as a fashion blogger…pretty much amazing!) caught my eye because I am true lover of all things grey + white. I love the length and the fab design! I feel like I will be wearing this nonstop all Winter over dresses and belted over leather leggings. I paired it with this most simple, kinda sexy and super girly lace adorned cami from Cami NYC. So crazy easy, yet so fun. I just love this contrast in mood!


Keeping it casual, I went with these super distressed jeans from Lovers + Friends (linked some similar below since these are low in stock). How totally fun are these? I love that they are kinda a boyfriend fit and that they are cropped (any excuse to show of your shoes!) With that, I needed a pop of color and something “me” to finish off this look, so I went with these most decadent new  Saint Laurent heels. Do you die over this color or what?! I just love how rich the velvet is! I wore them both nights in Vegas and can attest that they are so comfy! (here is a version by Steve Madden that I love too!)


For bag, I wanted to pull in the grey, so I went with this Saint Laurent one. I got this bag years ago at Barney’s, but it still looks brand new. Don’t you love pieces like that? For sunnies, I kept it grey again with these from Illesteva. I also added on these Lulu Frost earrings for fun!


Here are some more cozy sweaters and lace camis I am eyeing:

I hope you all have a great day today! I am on a mission to clean out my closet and switch it over to Fall/Winter today…wish me luck!! The worst, but most essential chore! Happy shopping xoxo, Caro


Hi guys! Happy Thursday! It’s my husband and I’s 9 year wedding anniversary today! I cannot even believe it really! It has been a whirlwind of fun, laughs and adventures. We have moved a couple times, we have changed jobs a couple times, we have taken some really fun trips, we have bought our first home, we have grown together (and sadly older). I cherish my husband more than anything on earth and forever feel so grateful to have found him!


We met literally on the first day of college at University of San Diego. My roommate, Gretchen, was friends with Colby (my husband) and actually even took him to their high school prom! Gretchen and I were in our room (we lived in the tiniest dorm room in an all girls dorm!! So funny to think about now) with my parents setting up our beds on cinder blocks (did you guys do this? Then you would use the space underneath for storage!) when Colby and his mom came by to say hi to her. I remember it so clearly, but at the same time I was so not phased as I had a serious boyfriend from high school. We quickly became close friends, which I love about us. We truly have the best time together and that was so apparent right from the start.


By the end of our freshman year, things heated up and we went from BFF to going steady real quick! Our college years are some of my favorite memories as we were so young and wild! We dated through college and after decided to move to Orange County for Colby’s job. That first year post college is so hard, right? You think just because you went to college you should get any job you want and life is just going to be so great because you won’t have to go to class anymore. Then reality sets in and the struggle is real! We both couldn’t really find our ideal job, so we ended up moving to North Carolina to be close to my family and for a job Colby had gotten.

After dating for 7 years, Colby proposed in Central Park on a bridge with our little Griff (our Cavalier King Charles pup that we got our first year out of college) in tow. He couldn’t have chosen a better place as I LOVE everything NYC, especially Central Park. It was during a trip with my family over Thanksgiving, so they were to celebrate with us after which was so fun! I am literally getting teary eyed just thinking about it, as it was such a sweet and fun time.

We lasted in NC for 5 quick years, but our love for all things California got the best of us, so we moved back to Orange County in 2011. We really are Californians at heart as we love love everything about where we live. We love the food, the culture, the weather, the fun places everywhere (and of course I love the shopping!) We adore that you can be in LA (where my sister lives) in hour, be in San Diego in a hour, be in Palm Desert in a little over an hour, that we are a quick 45 minute flight from San Fran and Vegas. We really should be ambassadors for Orange County because we love this bubble so much! If you haven’t ever been here, you are truly missing out and need to jet over! I would love to show you all the fab and fun spots.

Anyways, back to us. We got married in 2007 at Stone Manor (an estate) in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was the most extraordinary and fabulous day ever! Here are a couple of photos from our big day.

I walked down the aisle with both my parents which I forever love. I feel like they both are such a huge part of my life that they needed to be there with me!


My wedding dress was Monique Lhuillier and would so still wear it (although let’s get real, I would so wear something totally different too as a true fashion lover). The  and detailing on it were a total work of art!


Griff was our ring bearer!





So now here we are, 9 years later and like I mentioned earlier, I am just so so grateful the world brought us together. We are both super opinionated and stubborn, but somehow mesh so well. He makes me laugh nonstop, loves me for who I am and is always my biggest fan (plus he totally lets me style him!) We live in our own little world and have the best time exploring new places and are huge fans of trying new restaurants and critiquing them (my sister finds this so annoying as we literally break down every aspect of our meals) As we grow older, I just feel luckier every day to have someone that I just have so much fun with. All of this sounds so cheesy, but really I am being honest.

To celebrate, we are off to our favorite hotel, The Wynn, in Vegas!!! Now I know, Vegas may seem more of place to go with your girlfriends for a bachelorette, but we do Vegas differently. We go to really nice dinners, we shop, we go to the spa, we play all the cheesy slot machines (I won $100 on the Dolly Parton one last time!) and we are in bed by midnight. If you haven’t done Vegas the luxe way (or maybe it’s the grandma way?!), you so need to!! And let me just tell you, the Wynn is amazing! I am a total hotel snob and I promise you it’s the end all be all. The rooms are gorgeous and so spacious. I will post insta stories nonstop so you can all see!

Here our outfit details:

My dress (only a few sizes left in white, but does come in black too), my shoes, my sunnies, my bag (or here), my leather jacket.

Colby’s suit jacket & pants (such a steal and looks so good in real life!), shirt, shoes, sunnies

I hope you all have the best weekend! I will be stuffing my face at Nobu (hello spicy tuna roll), shopping at Barneys, giving Dolly Parton all my money and drinking all the drinks (our signature is tequila & lime juice on ice!) Cheers to us and to everyone finding the one who makes your life complete!




Hi friends, happy Monday and first week in October! One of my favorite months! I love the change in the weather (hopefully it will actually start to cool off here) and it’s my husband and I’s anniversary month! I will be doing a post later this week all about us and our big day. We are jetting off on Thursday for a lil’ getaway and I CANNOT wait!!


Today it’s all about my love for bell sleeves, lace and these frayed hemline jeans. Bell sleeves are a mega trend right now and I love how feminine and fun they are. I found this super fab cream lace Free People top on (also can be found here on Asos) and have been wearing it nonstop! It is completely sheer fyi, so I paired it with this simple nude bandeau from Cosabella. I adore the high neck and the fact that it’s a bit shorter. I have also worn with a higher waisted cordoruy skirt and it was so cute!


These Paige jeans are my current loves! I love the distressing, the cropped fit and the frayed hemline. They are normal rise, which is always a fun switch up from all my other high waisted ones. I added on this end all Gucci belt (I told you in my last post that I am in a Gucci belt madness phase…more to come!! Haha). I can’t handle how badass this belt makes me feel!! I know, so ridiculous, but honestly it does. It also just adds so much personality to a look.



For accessories, I wanted to keep it simple since the top and belt have so much life. I went with my nude Steve Maddens and my fave cream Chanel. I love these tones for early Fall! It’s nice to slowly ease out of bright whites, you know? For sunnies, it had to be these gold mirror lens Le Specs (I wear these alot, I know, but they are so easy + fun! The best $59 I have spent in awhile!) My criss cross ring is here, the gold stacked rings are here and my nail color here.


I am seeing nonstop fabulous lace tops right now!  A totally romantic option to pair with denim for a night out or with cute skirt and flat boots for day.
Here some more I am eyeing:

I hope you all have the best week! Happy shopping!
xo, Caro