Hi hi and hiiii! It’s my birthday!!! I can’t even believe it really as this year has absolutely FLOWN by. I am not sure if it’s because I am finally spending time doing what I love or just that as we get older things tend to go quicker. Either way, this year has been one of my most favorites for sure.

I started the year having strong feelings about starting this blog, but had some major hesistations too. I had a blog on tumblr for years where I just posted my fashion finds, but I didn’t do outfit posts or anything about what I am wearing lately etc. I always enjoyed that space, but wanted to do more with it. My main hestitation in making it more of a real blog was that I wasn’t comfortable at all with the thought of including myself in looks. I have always loved styling and helping others create looks that make them feel fabulous (versus it being about me). It’s such a weird feeling putting yourself out there for people to judge, you know? And like most girls, I struggle with self confidence, so it seemed way too scary to do. The one thing I am 100% confident in is my love for fashion and I really just wanted to put that energy somewhere more productive than my silly tumblr account. After discussing with friends and family and constantly being encouraged to just try out doing pictures of me in my current fave looks, in February of last year I just decided to go for it. I honestly had no idea at that point that I would adore it as much as I do or that I would gain so much from it.

The process of putting together looks and searching for new fun finds has totally and completely awoken my soul! I know it sounds completely exaggarated and extreme, but I am SO serious. My deepest passion is fashion and I just adore being able to share that with others. Thats not to say there hasn’t been moments of frustration and times that I have wanted to just give up, but overall it’s been such an amazing experience for me. I truly feel like I have gotten to know myself better and have gained so much self love (which let’s get real, we all need!)

One of the best parts has been the support of my friends and family. It’s been amazing to hear from people I haven’t heard from in years saying that they love my blog or that they are so glad I finally did this….honestly, it means the world to me and is so unexpected! To also have my parents be proud of me is huge! They have always supported my endeavors, but for some reason this is different. I spent so many years in event management, an industry that is super hard to be successful in and that I liked, but didn’t love. I spent a few years in corporate America that basically destroyed my self spunk completely, so to be doing something now that I thoroughly enjoy and have gotten my confidence back from is mind blowing!

Another aspect of this space and this past year that I have loved is meeting so many new people! From other local bloggers to followers on instagram, it has been so cool to meet people who share my love for fashion. Seeing others posts every day is forever inspiring! I so appreciate how others put together their looks. Fashion is such a unique thing and I adore those who make it their own!

My hope today (on my birthday) for the next year is that I will continue to grow this space and continue to grow myself. There is always more to learn and more to do! I hope I can continue to put together looks and blog posts that inspire each of you (if there is anything ever you want to see on here, please just message me!) I want to challenge myself to continue to do things outside my comfort zone. I am such a planner, so I also would love to be more spontaneous. I hope to leave any self doubt in 2016 as life really is too short to just not believe in me (same goes to all of you!)

Cheers to you guys for making this so fun for me! Every message, email, comment and like has made my day/week/year! I am so so grateful to get to spend time here each week!

Tonight I am off to celebrate with some of my favorite college besties and I cannot wait! NYE is always a cluster, so we are just spending the night at one of their houses. I got us all these hilarious animal onesies, so I am sure you will be seeing alot of that on instastories! Wishing you all the most fab evening and happiest new year! To all things fab and fun in ’17!!

Outfit details: skirt, similar skirttop, sunnies, shoes

xo, Caro


Friends! It’s Friday and the day before my birthday! I am working on a big “what I am thankful for this year” post, but wanted to share this fab look real quick. This outfit epitomizes my obsession (like obsession!!) with anything lace and anything leopard lately. I love them separately, but love to combine them even more. The girliness of the lace mixed with the fierceness of the leopard is just fab fab. This season leopard coats are ALL the rage and I couldn’t be more happy about it! This one (also here or here),  from Cupcakes + Cashmere, is super cozy and can be worn so many ways (it looks so fab over a dress or over a sweater + leggings)

My lace top is by Rebecca Taylor and I just love the super feminine fit. It has a slight peplum, so I belted it with this Gucci (here without the gold studs) to make it even more so. For denim, I wanted to create a bit of contrast, so I went with these black super fitted ones from AGoldE. They have the most fun frayed hemline! For shoes, I was feeling flirty, so I went with these dark burgundy loves from Aquazzara. Unfortunately these are sold out, but here is a similar option. I threw on my newest love, this Chanel brooch, to spice up my look just a tad more (they only sell them in store). I got this brooch for Christmas and have been adding it to all my coats, sweaters and really anything that needs some extra fun.

I just adore the feel of mixing personalities in an outfit and this lace and leopard combo to me is timeless and so chic!  Sunnies, nail polish

Here are bunch more leopard jackets + coats I am loving right now!

Happiest Friday and almost new year! I will be back tomorrow with another post, so stay tuned! Hope you all have a fab day.

xo, Caro


Hi guys!! Who else is barely surviving this week of holiday madness? I am literally hanging on a thread! We leave this morning for a fab Christmas getaway and I could not be more excited. We are making a pit stop in Vegas tonight to celebrate my birthday (early) since my actual birthday (NYE) is just too hectic for Vegas/hotels etc. So basically I am doing the biggest happy dance ever right now!!! Eeep!!  

Today is my version of easy travel style. I am all about comfort when traveling, but I also refuse to give in to wearing sweats & Uggs as I just think you should always try a little (I don’t judge others who wear them, I just personally prefer to be comfy without looking like I just got out of bed!) This cold shoulder striped Rebecca Minkoff sweater is the epitome of cozy and comfy! It’s a bit oversized, which makes it fab and non-constricting. I love the girly colors and fun stripes (it also comes in a purple version here)!

For denim, I went with these from Paige as they are fitted, but not so tight that you are uncomfortable. They are more of a straight fit and have the most fab uneven hemline (which makes them allow you to show of your shoes!) For shoes, I definitely always go with flats as even I am practical sometimes!! These lace ups from Aquazzara are literally the most amazing flats I own! The softest leather and just super comfy (here or here are similar less spendy pairs). Since the sweater is so full of life, went with these since they are simple and neutral.

For bag, I love to bring a bigger purse as you have to room for all the snacks, chapstick and hand lotion, so I went with my cream Chanel. For my carry on, it’s always this little pink roller bag. This thing is the perfect size and you can charge your phone on it! SO modern and fun! Fun fact about me, I never check bags! Ever since my mom had a valuable bag lost years and years ago, we all just UPS our clothes when traveling. Sounds so crazy I am sure, but it’s kind of nice to not have to wait for your luggage after a long flight. UPS actually sells luggage boxes now that have handles! My friends will forever make fun of me for sending tons of these wherever we go, but it’s just how I roll!

Well I really hope you guys all are making it through this week, I know it’s just so hectic for everyone. To make it worse, everywhere you go people are so crazed and a bit angry! I am just like, c’mon people, it’s the holidays! Let’s just all be nice…right? Haha, anyways, godspeed friends! I am just so excited to hop on the plane to Vegas that I can’t concentrate! If you read my blog regularly you know I am obsessed with the Wynn, it’s literally my fave hotel ever! We are going to Nobu tonight and I am already dreaming about the crunchy spicy tuna! YUM. I will be sure to instastory it all!

(Sunnies, Circle Ring)

Happiest Wednesday and holiday madness week!

All my love,



Hi guys, happy Thursday and almost weekend! It’s been a fun filled week so far for me and I am so excited for this coming weekend.

Today it’s all about one of my most favorite nights of the year, New Year’s Eve. I know most people can’t stand it, but to me it’s just a fabulous excuse to go all glam. Plus, it’s my birthday! It’s always so fun because everyone is in the mood to celebrate and I often just pretend like it’s a big celebration for me! I definitely love love to get dressed up and I definitely love a good sequin, so that’s why this mini romper from NBD was a total must have. First of all, the fit is so fun and flirty and second, it has a built in tie waist (my dream!)

Since the romper is clearly the star of the show, I went super simple with these fun metallic Stuart Weitzman heels, this dreamy Iro leather jacket and this dark red Valentino bag. When you are wearing a loud piece, it’s always essential to keep the other parts of your look super clean and pretty plain. A pop of color like this red bag is always fun and not too overbearing. If you live somewhere super chilly, you could definitely pair this romper with otk boots or tights to stay warm.

Here are a bunch of other sequin sparklers I am loving:

Wishing you all the best weekend! We have a much needed date night tomorrow at our fave spot (my hubs has been traveling and so busy with work that a night just us two is so necessary) and then Saturday we have an annual double date night with one of our favorite couples at Mastro’s Ocean Club. We started this tradition three years ago and it’s always just so fun to get together and be fancy! We go pretty early so that we can catch the Newport Beach Boat Parade, one of my all time favorite events of the season. If you are not from here, basically everyone puts amazing lights all over their boats (big yachts to tiny little duffy boats) and they play holiday music all in a parade along the harbor. It’s a Christmas dream and just so cool. I will be sure to do lots of insta stories so you can all see!

Cheers and happy shopping! xo, Caro


Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! I have been loving all things holiday and am just dying that Christmas is so soon! We go back to North Carolina next week and I am so excited!

It’s officially cold here so I have broken out all the sweaters and even my coats! Southern California doesn’t really get super cold, but definitely chilly enough for some quality layers. I have been all about an oversized knit, like this one from DVF (same style, different color here and similar less spendy style here). I love a good turtleneck and this one is so super comfy + cozy! For this look, I paired it with liquid leggings but it’s just as fab with a skinny denim too. These fun leggings are so warm and just really wearable. I love throwing them for a night as they have a bit of flirty-ness to them! I belted the sweater to make it more feminine and fun, but you could so go more comfy and leave the belt off too.

For an extra layer, I threw on this star adorned jean jacket from Paige denim. How cute is this? I went up a size to make it a big more oversized as I am loving that look lately. For shoes, I was thinking either a fun bootie or over the knee boot and this Stuart Weitzman bootie won the battle! I live in these! The tie back detailing is so fun and the are actually super comfy. The best part is that they are currently 40% off!

For bag, my black and gold Gucci marmont was the easy answer as it matched the belt and the color tones perfectly! Sunnies are these by Karen Walker. As the temps continue to drop, it’s so nice to have a different option than the everyday same old jeans, right? There are so many oversized sweaters out right now and they pair perfectly with a super skinny jean or legging like these.

Here are some more liquid leggings I am eyeing:

Hope you guys are all having a good week so far! I have a fun lunch with some girls today that I am so excited about! Enjoy your hump day and happy shopping!

xo, Caro