Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe we are inching our way closer to March already! This month has flown by, but I have to admit, I am excited to be done with it as our weather has been so terrible! Living in Southern California we are so spoiled with nonstop sunny and warm days, so the fact that it’s been chilly and rainy for weeks is just hard to get used to (and depressing)! I am hoping for a much nicer March.

Today I am talking about my love for a fab white blouse. Yes, totally and completely simple, but that’s what makes it such an essential piece for any wardrobe. Specifically, I am all about one paired with a great pair of jeans (which creates the most timeless and chic look). You cannot go wrong with this pairing!

I first saw  this Cinq a Sept blouse one day while shopping at Neiman’s, but left without buying it. I later spotted it on Shopbop and just could not resist. The detailing is gorgeous and the fit is just SO fun. I mean, these sleeves!!

I chose to belt it (obviously! But hey, did you guys see how many actresses belted their gowns at the Oscars? LOVE!!!) to give it more shape, but I will admit this top looks fab as is too! The white pearls on my Gucci belt just popped so fabulously with this top, I couldn’t not add it on (sorry if you are getting sick of seeing this belt….I swear it just goes with everything and also makes every look just way more fun!)

For denim, I wanted a pair that was a bit distressed and edgier since the top is so over the top girly, so I went with these from Paige. As if I need to remind you guys how much I swear by this denim line, but honestly these are probably my most favorite pair. They are regular rise, distressed at the knees and then are cropped perfectly. I love that I can wear them daytime with a wedge or flat, but that they are just as fun for night with a heel.

For bag I needed some sort of color, so I went with my red Celine nano. I have such a hard time keeping looks totally monochromatic, I just love a little fun! For shoes, I am so Spring ready, so I went with these end all wedges from Chloe. I have these from last year in tan, so I was so excited to see they are doing again this season in a few colors. It does not get any comfier than these!! These from Marc Fisher are a great lower priced option. I threw on this Iro leather jacket for fun too, just to show a fun way to layer (since it’s 100% still Winter here!)

Here are all the aspects of my look:

If you are ever in a hunch about what to wear, I can assure this combo is a winner. You can keep it so simple with just the top + denim, or you can mix it up a bit like I did with a fun belt & pop of color with an accessory. Here are a bunch of other great white tops I am loving:
Wishing you all a fab day today! I have a charity event tonight at Pelican Hill that I am looking forward to. Happy shopping and happy Tuesday!

xo, Caro


Hi guys! Happy Thursday! I can’t believe this is my first post of the week but it’s been a such hectic one. I have been working on some looks for tomorrow and my lil pup, Griffin, (well he is actually a grandpa as he will be 13 next month) has been having lots of issues. He is my first pet and truly has changed my life (for the better), so watching him get old and have all these problems is heart breaking and so hard. He is my everything, so please send any and all good juju his way!!

Today is all about this insanely fab red leather skirt from Topshop. Can you believe this stunner is only $60? I was (and still am) in awe of the quality when I found it at Nordy’s and knew it would be such a fun piece for Spring. I love the vibrant color and the fact that it has pockets. Since leather is so badass, I want to girly it up a bit by pairing it with this feminine lace top from Nightcap clothing (almost sold out, so here is another really cute option). If you read my blog regularly, you know I love mixing feminine and edgy and this combo is just that. Definitely a Spring ready look that I plan to wear nonstop.

I added on my pearl adorned Gucci belt to give the look more spunk and to add an unexpected element. I just read an article yesterday saying that belts are the huge must have for 2017, which obviously I am excited about! I rarely create a look without a belt, as I just love the way they instantly give your outfit some personality! This one is definitely my current fave as the pearl detailing is just so fun.

I threw on this jean jacket from Paige to finish off the look. I am still loving the oversized denim jacket trend and I love this one especially because of the fun star detailing on the lapel. I find myself throwing this on with everything! It looks so good with black and white denim too.

For shoes I kept it so simple with these from Stuart Weitzman. I can’t stop these heels as they are beyond minimal and just sleek. Just to add one more element of fab, I went with these pearl adorned sunnies from Freda Banana. I know I already professed my love for these in a previous post, but just to remind you guys I LOVE these! So fun and so sassy!

I am so excited to have found such a fun, well priced leather skirt that I can wear all Spring long and then again in the Fall. It comes in black, white and a super cute pink too. Such a fun option for a night out or you could totally wear it daytime with a wedge or flat sandal. I love it with lace, but it would be fun with a simple white tee or with a bodysuit for a more dressed up look.

Here are all the pieces including sunnies, nail polish etc:


I hope you guys are having a really great week and happy almost weekend! We have had a few days of no rain here, which was so refreshing, but apparently we are in for another rainy weekend. I have no words!

Happy shopping, xo, Caro


Hi guys! Happy Friday! It’s crazy rainy here in SoCal, so I am just trying not to get washed away. We usually get rain only a few times a year (not kidding), but this Winter has been insane for us. Apparently this storm that is here today will be bringing 4 inches of rain! How does one even attempt to be cute for the weekend in that?!! Ugh, I can’t!! Spring needs to get here stat.

Today I am actually discussing one of my most fave trends for the upcoming season, ruffled statement blouses. They are already everywhere and are just SO much fun. One of my go-to looks is a simple denim skirt or pair of shorts with a top in the Spring/Summer, so I am in love with this trend as it really steps up this look. I found this top, by Clu, and just fell in love with the way it feels like a modern take on a simple white button down. The cut out on the shoulder mixed with the ruffle detailing is just way way too much fun.

I paired it with this dark wash denim skirt from GRLFRND. You guys, I have been telling you months now that this brand is the end all, check them out if you haven’t! I have this same skirt in regular denim (from my post with the starry top and otk boots) and it’s a totally easy piece to throw on with everything (here is a similar option too). I love the contrast of super dark/almost black denim and white, its just so good! I added this Saint Laurent belt to kick up the look a bit (cute similar option).


For shoes, I wanted to pull from the silver of the belt, so I went with these faves from Jimmy Choo. Again, I wear these nonstop which I really believe makes them worth the investment. Don’t you have those cheap pumps or heels you bought that you can’t wear because they are so uncomfortable? You will not have that problem with these, hence making them worth it! I got these over 2 years ago and honestly wear them nonstop.

Onto my bag…..eeep!! I got this gorgeous Chanel in Vegas for my birthday and I am truly in love times three! The color alone is so dreamy and it’s just such a fun size. Also, my other Chanels all have gold hardware and this one silver, which I have so been leaning towards lately.

Looking ahead towards Spring and Summer, the statement blouse is definitely going to be a huge trend and one that I think is so super easy to take on. I have picked out a ton below that I am eyeing and that would be such fun additions to any closet. The best part about them all is that they make the look, so you can just wear a simple pair of skinny jeans, a simple pair of black or denim shorts or any simple skirt and have a fab outfit just like that!
Shop all of my look below (including sunnies, nail polish etc)

Here are my other statement blouse picks:

I hope you guys have the best weekend! Even though it’s a rainy mess here, we are going out tonight and tomorrow and I am looking forward to some chill time and sleeping in!

Happy Friday, weekend and shopping! xo, Caro



Hi guys! Happy hump day! We had such a fun Valentine’s Day and date night last night, I hope you all enjoyed yours. And now I am so glad it’s the middle of week as we have a fun weekend ahead and I am already getting excited!


Today I am switching up from my normal fashion post and discussing another aspect of my life, working out, which is also so important to me. I approach this topic lightly, because for a time in my life I did take it too seriously, but now I am all about balance. I hate to be that annoying person that says, “I love working out”, but I do! I grew up with a marathon runner Dad who started taking me on runs at a young age. I am not sure if that is why I am enjoy it so much or simply because I love the way I feel after, but regardless, I do enjoy my morning me time.

I typically work out 5-6 times a week and always take off either Saturday ad/or Sunday. I am firm believer in giving my body at least one day of chill. Most days I run 30-40 minutes and then two days a week I weight train. Every other Tuesday I totally switch it up and do Zumba with a bunch of ladies that are twice my age and I LOVE it. If you have never taken a class, you should! It’s so fun to move your body and let loose. I am not a dancer, but no one cares (and it’s seriously a good workout)!

Below are the exercises I do on the days I weight train (I use 10lb weights for all my arm exercises and do these in this order)

Bicep curls (3 sets of 15)

Squats holding a 12lb ball (3 sets of 15)

Lateral arm raises (3 sets of 15)

Jump squats (3 sets of 25)

Overhead arm presses (3 sets of 15)

Reverse Lunges holding 5lb weight in each hand (3 sets of 20)

Tricep dips (3 sets of 20)

Ballet Squats holding 10lb weight (3 sets of 40) Video here

Push ups (one set 20)

Forward lunges (3 sets 20)

And that’s it! I find those exercises work well for my body and strengthen my muscles enough. Like I mentioned earlier, I am so into keeping it all balanced. If I am too busy and can’t squeeze in a workout, it’s no biggie, but I atleast take my dog on a walk or something. For me, working out is such a stress reliever and mood booster! I find that I have more energy and just feel all around better on days when I do move my body in some way. That being said, it also so nice to just have a chill day where I lounge around in the morning.

My activewear is hilariously so not fashionable as I love a simple black tank, these simple running shorts and I swear by these Asics. On days that I want to be sporty and take on the athleisure wear trend, I do love the pieces from the picture above. This Nike zip up is so comfy, these leggings are so fun and I am obsessed with these all black leather Nikes! They are super comfy and I just feel totally badass in them! I used to never wear regular sneakers like these out, but I have been throwing these on with a tee + jeans lately and have to admit I kinda love it! Here are my Celine sunnies.

Here are some more leggings and cute tees I am loving:

Wishing you all the most fab day today! We have been having the most incredible weather these past few days, so I have been trying to soak it all in (as its supposed to be super rainy again this weekend….ugh!)

xo, Caro



Hi guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! One of my most favorite days of the year as I love any reason to celebrate those around me and spread the love! I know to some it’s an annoying and lame holiday, but I think it should be embraced as we can all use a little extra dose of warm fuzzies, right? And who doesn’t love a reason to eat chocolate?

Today I am sharing why Valentine’s day means so much to my husband Colby and I. Just to kick up the cheesiness factor of this already lovey dovey post, we love this holiday because we actually started officially dating on this holiday during our sophmere year in college. Colby will kill me for sharing this, but he literally took me on a date and at dinner asked if I would be his “girlfriend” (after months of casually dating college style). Of course I was dying inside as I had been wanting to be official for quite some time, but like any girl I had been trying to play it cool and casual and act like I was so ok with just dating. It’s so funny to think back to that stage of nervous feelings with him.

Now, many many years later, we still treat it like an anniversary and always go out to dinner, toast to us and always end the evening with a couple of Sprinkles cupcakes (the peanut butter is my all time fave of all faves!) I know I have talked about it on here before, but since today is the day of love, I just have to mention how lucky and grateful I am to have met my husband. We started as best friends and I really think that’s why we make sense. We are both totally stubborn and opinionated, which at times can of course lead to some heated discussions, but at the same time it’s 100% what makes us work. Just as best friends do, we have the best time together and love to be just us more often than not (not in an anti-social way as we love being with friends and fam, just in an we have the best time alone way!)

What I appreciate most about C is the way he lets me be me. I am handful for sure (hey atleast I admit it!) and he totally let’s me shine and do my thing. With that, he also keeps me real! I also love that he constantly reminds me to practice more self love and just be myself. He was raised by his mom (the most amazing woman ever), who taught him he could and can do anything and everything he sets his mind to and that he is perfect the way he is, which resulted in him being the most confident and positive person. That is what attracted me to him initially and now I adore that he is passing his upbringing onto me. There is nothing better than just us, sitting at home with our dog, laughing on the couch about the silliest things.

Anyways, the point is, I love this holiday and I hope that even if you don’t adore it, you might tell your loved ones why you love them or you might text a friend to remind them why you are grateful for them. Life is so too short to keep those emotions to yourself! Just let it all out! I will stop now, haha! Wishing you all the happiest day today! I am SO grateful for all of you and honestly appreciate and love every comment and message I get on here and my instagram. It means the world to me and I just love sharing my passion with you guys!

Cheers and lots of love, Caro

ps- we did these photos at University of San Diego where we attended college and it was so fun and nostalgic to be back where it all started. I have such fond memories of those young, carefree days!

My look: skirt, skirt also here, top, shoes, sunnies, bag, nail polish

Colby’s look: jeans, white tee, bomber, similar bomber, sneakers (omg we are obsessed with these sneaks! Such a good price, cute fit, really good leather and they come in various colors), sneakers again, sunnies