Hi guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! One of my most favorite days of the year as I love any reason to celebrate those around me and spread the love! I know to some it’s an annoying and lame holiday, but I think it should be embraced as we can all use a little extra dose of warm fuzzies, right? And who doesn’t love a reason to eat chocolate?

Today I am sharing why Valentine’s day means so much to my husband Colby and I. Just to kick up the cheesiness factor of this already lovey dovey post, we love this holiday because we actually started officially dating on this holiday during our sophmere year in college. Colby will kill me for sharing this, but he literally took me on a date and at dinner asked if I would be his “girlfriend” (after months of casually dating college style). Of course I was dying inside as I had been wanting to be official for quite some time, but like any girl I had been trying to play it cool and casual and act like I was so ok with just dating. It’s so funny to think back to that stage of nervous feelings with him.

Now, many many years later, we still treat it like an anniversary and always go out to dinner, toast to us and always end the evening with a couple of Sprinkles cupcakes (the peanut butter is my all time fave of all faves!) I know I have talked about it on here before, but since today is the day of love, I just have to mention how lucky and grateful I am to have met my husband. We started as best friends and I really think that’s why we make sense. We are both totally stubborn and opinionated, which at times can of course lead to some heated discussions, but at the same time it’s 100% what makes us work. Just as best friends do, we have the best time together and love to be just us more often than not (not in an anti-social way as we love being with friends and fam, just in an we have the best time alone way!)

What I appreciate most about C is the way he lets me be me. I am handful for sure (hey atleast I admit it!) and he totally let’s me shine and do my thing. With that, he also keeps me real! I also love that he constantly reminds me to practice more self love and just be myself. He was raised by his mom (the most amazing woman ever), who taught him he could and can do anything and everything he sets his mind to and that he is perfect the way he is, which resulted in him being the most confident and positive person. That is what attracted me to him initially and now I adore that he is passing his upbringing onto me. There is nothing better than just us, sitting at home with our dog, laughing on the couch about the silliest things.

Anyways, the point is, I love this holiday and I hope that even if you don’t adore it, you might tell your loved ones why you love them or you might text a friend to remind them why you are grateful for them. Life is so too short to keep those emotions to yourself! Just let it all out! I will stop now, haha! Wishing you all the happiest day today! I am SO grateful for all of you and honestly appreciate and love every comment and message I get on here and my instagram. It means the world to me and I just love sharing my passion with you guys!

Cheers and lots of love, Caro

ps- we did these photos at University of San Diego where we attended college and it was so fun and nostalgic to be back where it all started. I have such fond memories of those young, carefree days!

My look: skirt, skirt also here, top, shoes, sunnies, bag, nail polish

Colby’s look: jeans, white tee, bomber, similar bomber, sneakers (omg we are obsessed with these sneaks! Such a good price, cute fit, really good leather and they come in various colors), sneakers again, sunnies



  1. February 14, 2017 / 10:18 am

    This is so cute. What a sweet post to your hubby. I should do one with Matt! I didn’t know you went to USD – I am from San Diego! 🙂

  2. February 14, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    This was such a sweet post, and it definitely made me want to tell my hubby how much I love him. Thank you for sharing and happy valentine’s day!

  3. February 14, 2017 / 10:00 pm

    You are the cutest couple!! What an adorable post!!! Love love love!!! Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet friend!!

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