Hi guys! Happy Thursday! This week is flying by, right? Our weather has been so Summer-like so I feel like it’s the perfect time for this fun warm weather look!

I found this adorable and super fab rainbow striped Wildfox mini on before we went to Vegas (months ago!) and have been wearing it nonstop. I love the swingy fit and the fact that you can totally dress it up or down. I wore it in Vegas with rockstud flats instead of these Valentino wedges and it was just as cute!

I chose the super neutral Valentino wedges (I wear these nonstop! They also come in cream here) since the dress is already so busy and full of life. I added on my essential blush Gucci belt as it matched perfectly and just gave the look that extra pop of fun. I know I wear my Gucci belts all the time, but to me they are just the icing on the cake and always seem to finish off my looks fabulously. I get so many direct messages on instagram asking about sizing! All of mine are size 80 and I use this hole punch at home to add holes depending on what I am wearing them with.

For bag I went with this mini Valentino pink crossbody as it was still neutral and matched so well! I love this little bag and am always surprised how much I use it as it is small. It fits just enough and seems to go with so much. I added on this Valentino bracelet, these Kendra Scott earrings and my fave circle Ray-bans to finish off the look.

I am loving stripes for Spring and Summer, especially colorful ones like these! I keep seeing fun striped pieces and I just love how much personality they have. Here are some more that I am eyeing:

I hope you guys have a fabulous Thursday! I am off to lunch with some gal pals and then have an event in Laguna tonight. And then it’s Friday! Woohoo!

Happy shopping, xo, Caro


Hi guys! Happy Tuesday and happy May! I can’t believe we are in May and inching up on Summer! I love this time of year as the weather is amazing + it’s the season of pretty dresses, jean shorts and cute sandals (aka all my faves!)

I wanted to do a post on my hair care as I get a lot of messages asking me about my routine/what products I use. If you guys know me personally, you know I am obsessed with my hair and obsessed with volume. I have a ton of hair, so volume really isn’t a problem, but I still am very careful what products I use as I do not want to weigh it down. I use Pantene and love love it. Funny enough I was randomly approached by them to partner on their ongoing Strong Is Beautiful campaign and of course I happily agreed because I 100% use their products. I will never (I mean never) be one of those bloggers who tries to sell you on a product or item unless I truly believe in it. You will most likely never see a skin care post from me because I am super minimal and do use any trendy products. All that being said, I do truly use Pantene and have been since I was in high school (which sadly was a really long time ago!!)

I used to always use Pantene Pro-V’s Classic Clean Shampoo and Conditioner, but wanted to change it up and started using their new Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner, and I am so happy I did. My hair is softer and so much more manageable! My hair is really thick and coarse and can get unruly, so it’s so nice to have found a shampoo and conditioner that keeps it nice and soft. I never used to wash my hair every day because I was afraid that it would feel dry if I did, but now with Pantene’s new shampoos, I can wash my hair daily without the fear of my shampoo stripping my hair of moisture or nutrients, leaving my hair smooth and shiny. I learned that while most shampoos only cleanse the surface of the hair, Pantene’s new shampoos actually penetrate into the core with nourishing lipids and antioxidants, replenishing hair’s lost moisture, and protecting from present and future damage. The first shampoos washed away dirt, oil, sweat and other nutrients, then the next wave of shampoos put stuff on the surface, and now Pantene’s new shampoos are putting something (antioxidants and lipids) in it. You can’t beat that right?

If you are anything like me, all you want is a good hair day. I am not one to just throw on a hat and Pantene’s new shampoos really ensure that my hair is always fab and ready for the day.

If you have any other questions about my hair and routine, feel free to message or comment below as I would love to answer them. I hope you all have a really fab day!

Outfit details below:

xo, Caro

*This post was sponsored by Pantene*