Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! It’s been another hot week here so far and I am just in such denial that it will stay this way through October (we have an extra long Summer here in SoCal). I have been living in easy pieces, like this fun red dress, as it’s the only way to survive!

Summer to me is ALL about color and I am loving all things bright red lately. It’s such a friendly and fun color and I really believe anyone can wear it. I mean if I, as a redhead, can wear it, anyone can! I found this adore Moon River dress on Shopbop and just loved the fun ruffles and of course the color. The tie detailing on the shoulders is adjustable (love that!) and the cinched waist gives it such a feminine look. The best part about this number is that it’s only $90! Such a fab price for a piece that you can wear all Summer long. Plus, if you still need a 4th of July option, it would be so so cute!

I paired it with these super fun pink Schutz heels because I never tire of this color combo. It’s a forever fave of mine! I wanted to keep everything else neutral since I already had two colors going on, so I went with my cognac brown Gucci belt , these fun fun tiered gold earrings and this most fun Chloe Nile bag (that is neutral color that is coming next season, here is my color in the medium size). Guys, this bag! I am so in love. It’s just the cutest shape + the ring handle is to die for. It comes in an array of colors, but I personally love this neutral greyish-taupe as it is just so wearable. Here is a cute dupe option. My sunnies are Chloe.

This cherry apple red just makes me so happy! I swear when you wear colors that you love it makes you feel alive! Here are some more fabulously red pieces I am loving:

Wishing you all a fab day ahead! I have a busy one, so I gotta get going stat!

Happy shopping, xo, Caro


Hi guys! Happy Thursday! This week has totally flown by for me, has it for you guys? It has been so super hot here though and I am so not ok with it! I am definitely a Summer girl, but I like when the temperature is anywhere from 72-low 80’s, anything above that exhausts me!

Today’s post is all about the essential combo of a fun white top and denim. In the cooler months I love to do a romantic long sleeve white top & skinny jeans, but now that it is Summer, I am all about switching the long sleeves for sleeveless and the long jeans for minis. This season is all about detailed tops like this one from Faithfull the Brand. I mean the tie front is just so fab!! I also adore the swingy, easy fit. It’s flirty without showing too much too. I found a bunch of cute similar options that I will link below.

I paired this sassy top with this super simple, but oh-so-essential denim mini from Current Elliott (on sale!) We all know I love my denim skirts, but I especially love the dark wash of this one. There is just something so classic about a cotton white top & dark denim! It’s fun, but also just so easy.

Keeping with the sass, I paired this look with these cognac brown studded Valentino sandals (available here too) (similar less spendy version here). These are definitely one of my Summer go-to’s as the color is just so neutral and wearable. I am obsessed with the block heel too as it makes them super comfy. Just for fun, I added some pops of color with these $45 tiered earrings (LOVE these!) and my pink Gucci (that is sadly sold out everywhere, but it is available in this fun light pink or in this shape ). Here are my Ray-ban sunnies and my circle ring.

With Summer official here, it’s so time to break out all the fun white tops! Here are a bunch of other ones I am loving:

I hope you all have a fab day today! I am off to lunch at Water Grill with two other OC bloggers that I adore!

Happy shopping, xo, Caro


Hi guys!! Today I posted the cutest ruffled Summer dress on Instagram (see it in the “shop my looks” tab) and it inspired me to share some really fun, easy Summer ready dresses that are alllllll under $100. With the official start to Summer tomorrow and our weather lately (it’s been so warm!) I am so into pieces that I can just throw on and go.

So many fun ones, right? I hope you all have a fab Tuesday!

Happy shopping! xo, Caro


Hi guys!! Happy Wednesday! First, let me say thank you for allll the love on my last post! I was so taken back by all the messages on instagram, emails and texts that I got. I really appreciate all the kind words and all the good vibes to my lil buddy Griff (he is hanging in there, still not himself, but doing ok!) Second, how are you guys? Hopefully great! My week is SO much better this week, I am pretty sure the full moon or something got me last week!

Today I am sharing this most fun striped dress from Intermix (it’s on sale!! And so fun they have their own in store brand now!) Summer is ALL about the blue and white stripe combo and this dress is the epitome of warm temp fun. I fell in love with the tie front and of course the fab detailing. The cold shoulder, the dramatic sleeve and the ruffle hemline all make this dress the perfect mix of Summer trends. It would be so cute for any day of fun (it looks fab with flat sandals too) or Summer bbq.

I kept this look so simple since the dress is definitely the hero piece and does all the talking. I went with basic white stiletto heels from Stuart Weitzman (similar option here), circle Ray-bans and my marine blue Chanel crossbody (similar option here and here). I am having SUCH a moment over white sandals by the way. These SW are from last year, but I just got a new pair that I am with (I shared them on insta stories yesterday…eep love love love). I may have to do a whole post on how to style them as I think it’s the freshest way to Summerize your look!

Blue and white stripes are essential for warm temps and I found so many cute dresses that I linked below. Any of these would be such fun 4th of July options too (I can’t believe it’s already mid-June!)

I hope you all have a fab fab day! It’s been so warm and sunny here this week, which is honestly such a mood lifter! I am going down to San Diego to do some pics tomorrow, so I am busying around today trying to get it all organized!

Happy shopping!! xo, Caro


Hi guys! Happy mid-week! How are you all doing? I have to admit my week has been quite rough, but I will get into that later. For now, it’s all about today’s post, this most wonderful and fab off the shoulder mini from Lovers and Friends.

I can’t even with this dress! I mean it’s just so fun and perfectly flirty at the same time. I adore the slight shimmer and the fact that the sleeves are long and billowy. The built in cinched waist is also a major plus and makes it so that the bottom half has the most fab flared fit. I paired it with this oatmeal colored Gucci belt to dress it up a bit. We all know I love these belts and I keep thinking I am going to get sick of them, but whenever I add one on to what I am wearing I 100% love the look more, so I guess I am not over them yet!!

Since this lovely dress has so much personality with the ots fit and cute polka dots, I keep my accessories minimal with these gold ball earrings ($41!! They come in silver too), these fab Valentino rockstud sandals (great dupe option here), and this absolutely dreamy Chloe “nile” bag (here is a fun dupe option).

Even though off the shoulder everything was the big trend last year, it’s still on this season and I really think it’s a trend we will see continue for awhile. It’s just so feminine and fun, plus it can worn by people of all shapes and sizes. I love that this season we are seeing more asymmetrical pieces and more dramatic pieces too, but I don’t think you should shun any of your off the shoulder options. That being said, here are some more fun dresses for all things Summer:

Now a quick life update…to start I have been having a tough time with Instagram and this whole blogging world. I started my blog with the intention of sharing my passion for clothes and putting together looks. I started my instagram with that same intention, but it has gotten so competitive and with Instagram’s new althrogithm I am struggling to just stay afloat. I went from getting so many likes so easily, to now being all over the place with 3,000 likes one day to 1,200 likes other days (like yesterday for instance). It sounds SO trivial I know, but you have to understand that I put my heart and soul into each look and each post, so it is such a dagger to my soul when my posts don’t do well. I hate that I take it personally, but I do. I hate that I compare myself to other bloggers, but I do. That’s just being real. It’s just discouraging when you put so much time into something and it doesn’t get received like you hoped it would, you know? I want to stick to myself + my own style, but it’s so easy to think that if I did this or I did that like some of the other bloggers I might do better. Since fashion is seriously in my soul, I can’t change and I won’t, but I have so been struggling with motivation to continue when I feel these emotions. I know I come off as happy go-lucky, which I am most of the time, but I am also a human and I just felt like I wanted to share that all with you guys. Just so you all know, I appreciate every comment and every like and every message as it’s just a reminder of why I do this. So thank you, thank you, for reading along, for liking my insta posts and all that. It really means so much to me!!

And second, just because this is a huge part of my life as you know, my dog Griffy is not doing well again. He had a little episode on Monday (I thought it was a seizure, but it was actually related to his heart), so I took him to the vet that afternoon. Long story short, he has congenital heart failure. This is super typical of his breed (Cavalier King Charles), but its still SO awful to hear as it means his time with us could be anywhere from 3 months to a year. I can’t even type that without crying as he is our baby and our life. Sorry to be such a debbie downer, but I am feeling like an open book lately, so I figured I would share! Send any and all good thoughts his way. Ugh, right?

Anyways, here’s to this week getting better!!! Hope you all have a fab day!

xo, Caro