Hi guys! Happy September and short week! I hope you all had a great Labor Day. Ours was mellow and I spent a great deal of it getting ready for this week as I am off to my very first fashion week in New York on Wednesday. I can barely stand it to be honest!

If you know me or have read my blog for awhile, you know fashion is my deepest passion and I truly thrive off it. To some this may seem totally superficial, but I am not talking about the material aspect of it. Instead I am talking about how it makes me feel. Outfits and clothes make or break my mood. When I am wearing something slummy, I feel slummy. When I am wearing something cute, I feel cute (and happy)!¬†What you wear can change the way you are perceived, it’s really like talking to people without actually talking. I find it so moving when I find new pieces that speak to me and therefore will speak to the world when I wear them. I know this may sound totally extreme, but I am just trying to explain why I get so into fashion, trends, clothes, accessories, etc. I just find it so fun and cool to play around with it all.

With that, I am so in awe of the real deal fashion designers. The ones that spend time on their collections putting their heart and soul into their work. To be able to see this workmanship in real life, first hand, is SO cool. Now I won’t be attending the super end all be all shows (like Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Naeem Kan), but I am very lucky to be attending 3 shows. On Thursday I am going to see Ulla Johnson (whose designs I adore and wear daytime nonstop. The best boho chic dresses, fabulous tops and super fun shoes too), on Friday I will be attending Milly (one of my all time faves for party dresses and pieces to wear out) and then on Saturday I am going to maybe die as I am going to Self Portrait (end all be times a million! I am like crazy excited for this show).

I do not even really know what to expect, other than pure madness (which I love)! Just to be in New York surrounded by others who are obsessed with fashion like me, is going to be amazing. I just want to sit in the corner outside the major shows and watch all the true true fashionistas in their element. I think that I why I am going alone. To me, this isn’t about being cool or trying to be the top blogger, instead this is really a trip that I have always dreamed of taking and I just can’t wait to be in the moment and see it all firsthand. I am almost in tears typing this because I truly feel so fortunate and lucky to be able to have the opportunity to go.

I have totally overpacked (per usual), but I just want to be sure I have all the pieces I need and want depending on the weather and my mood! Everyone says to just bring flats, which I have packed some, but at the same time, I also know myself and that I will want to feel fab (which honestly for me requires heels!) Below are some of the things I always pack for trips as well as some of the items I am packing specifically for this weekend.

Thank you all for all your support, it’s what has made me able to get to have this beyond fab experience. I am going to be wild on my stories on instagram, so be sure to follow along if you want! SOOOO excited!!!

Have a great week and I will be sure to do a NYFW review when I get back.

xoxo, Caro



  1. Terri R Burton
    September 10, 2017 / 8:12 am

    Sweetie, hope your trip is all you want it to be! So excited for you. Be safe!

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