Hi guys! Happy Monday! On Instagram today I posted a fun long sleeve dress that I wore out to dinner this past weekend and because of it’s fab price I was motivated to shop around for some more options! Here are some super cute long sleeved (Fall friendly!) dresses (all are under $175 and most are under $130!) All you need is a cute sock boot or over the knee boot to complete the look.

Happy Shopping and happy new week!!

xo, Caro


Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! Sorry for the lack of posts last week, that Vegas trip really took it out of me (in a good way!!) Today I am discussing one of my favorite trends for Fall, the blazer. I love this trend for many reasons, but mostly because it’s one that everyone (I mean everyone!) can wear. This season it’s all about an oversized fit (a little more masculine, which again is so wearable). There are SO many options- plaid is huge, velvet is so fun, color is fab and then one of my most fave versions is sequined. Over the past couple of weeks I have been incorporating blazers in my instagram looks, so I will share details on those looks really quick and then I will share a bunch of others that I currently eyeing.

I always love mixing feminine and masculine, so I think it’s really cute to pair the plaid blazer (super masculine!) with a girly skirt like I did here. I am definitely not over denim skirts and think they are a great piece to wear as we transition to cooler temps. I kept it simple with an easy cami and these fun Raye the label velvet booties.

Color is also a really fun way to blazer. I LOVE pink, but I have seen fab blue and red versions too (will link some below). This one that I have, by Topshop, is again pretty oversized and just totally full of life! I paired it with these Citizens of Humanity jeans, leopard pumps and a simple cami. I ADORE this look and would honestly wear it every day (if it wasn’t always a million degrees here!)

So we all know velvet is HUGE for Fall + Winter and an easy way to try that trend is with the blazer. I got this emerald green Theory one and have worn it to death. I wore it with this starry cami and some sparkly sneaks on the way back from fashion week, but I have also worn it over a LBD and out one night over a simple cami and dark denim skirt.

My last take on the blazer is probably my favorite, sequins! I mean, how can you not love? This Alice & Olivia piece stole my heart as it’s the perfect way to top any look. I wore it the night we flew to Vegas with a cami and Moussy jeans (feminine sequins and masculine beat up denim= fun combo), but I have also worn this statement piece over a simple long sleeved black dress as well as with a jean skirt too.

Here are a bunch more blazers I am loving (hover over for prices).

Happy shopping!! And have a fab day!

xo, Caro



Hi guys!! Today’s post is near and dear to my heart as it’s all about me and my hubby, Colby. If you have followed me for awhile, you probably read my post last year where I shared some about us, but I figured since we just celebrated our TEN year wedding anniversary, it deserved it’s own post. I thought it would be fun to share 10 things about us in honor of our big day!

  1. We met on the first day of college at University of San Diego. The world totally brought us together as my roommate was Colby’s friend (and prom date!!) from high school. Colby stopped by our tiny dorm room to say hi to her during orientation week (my parents and his mom were literally all there for our first meeting, how crazy?!!). I thought he was super nice, but that was it as I was totally gah gah over my high school boyfriend who I was still with. We quickly became really good friends though, hanging out often and chatting nonstop on IM (haha, who remembers that? Pretexting days!!) We spent our entire Freshman year as buddies, but ended the year as more than that when he took me to one of his fraternity events before we left for Summer.
  2. When we graduated college, we moved up to Orange County for a job Colby had taken. We really wanted to get a cat, so we went to this random pet store that a friend of Colby’s had told him about to get one. While we were looking around the store, we feel in love with this teeny tiny little red and white dog with big fluffy ears. Neither of us knew what kind of dog he was, but we knew we HAD to have him. We literally knew nothing about being dog parents (I had never even had one in my whole life!) and were not prepared at all to be ones, but it was the best decision we ever made! Griffin Bruiser came home with us that night and now 13 years later he still is the love our lives!
  3. Griff was our ring bearer in our wedding (I will share pictures at the bottom). This fact is worth sharing for more than the fact that it was special to have him be part of our day as in typical Griff form there was drama (I say typical because I literally could do a whole post on his many trips to the ER). Long story short, on our wedding day I was in the midst of getting ready for our big day when I heard Colby’s sister say “do not tell her, she will freak!” and of course I immediately had to know what was going on. I went into the room where she was to find Griff on her lap with a swollen, gooey, red left eye. Our precious ring bearer had the nastiest PINK EYE you have ever seen. The star of the show and he couldn’t even keep his eye open! It’s hysterical now, but at the time as a crazy bride I was not amused. Luckily one of Colby’s mom’s friends who was attending the wedding was a vet and got him some eye drops to help a bit. You can totally tell in the pic below if you look at his left eye!
  4. Neither one of us is from California originally, but we both are die hard California lovers and will never live anywhere else (unless forced to!). We love that we have the ocean, mountains and desert all so close by. When we travel to other places, we are always so excited to get home. We love the weather (obvie), the food and the people. And it doesn’t hurt that Vegas and San Fran (two of our fave weekend getaways) are just hour flights away either!
  5. Speaking of Vegas, it’s totally our “happy place”. You clearly know this if you read my blog often, as we go all the time! We just love the vibe, love getting dressed up for a night out and love trying all the fun new restaurants. I think it’s so important in your relationship to have things that are just “yours” and Vegas is one of those things for us.
  6. We built our first home in 2013 and had so much fun with the process. We love love going to new home developments and dreaming up what we would do with a new space. Sounds so dorky, but I guess we are both dreamers and love to have things to look forward to.
  7. We are huge food critics. Not in a snobby Foie gras, truffle oil kind of way, but instead just in a we like to critique restaurants kind of way. My sister hates to go out with us because after the meal we usually spend about an hour discussing what we did and didnt like. We both get so into it, which again is one of the things that makes us work! When we find a favorite spot, we tend to go there allllll the time (hey if it’s good, it’s good!)
  8. We value each other’s space and alone time. We support each other’s passions and don’t try to change or take away those loves. Colby is an avid golfer and I am avid shopper (LOL) and we both let each other do our own thing. We love when the other spends time with friends and know that is what makes a healthy relationship. I swear that’s one of things that keeps us molded.
  9. With that, we are both super opinionated and super stubborn, so one of our challenges is always who gives in to let the other be right (most of the time we agree to disagree because we are honestly both sooo headstrong! Haha, it’s really kinda funny and we know that it is, so again, thats why we work!)
  10. We are both super talkative and social, but we 100% adore just hanging out us two. Colby is hilarious and honestly makes me laugh atleast 20 times a day. I am SO grateful the world brought us together. Here are some pics from our wedding.

*Note that these were taken 10 yrs ago, so clearly the quality is so not as good as today’s photography, but you get the point!

I seriously sometimes wonder how I got so lucky, but I definitely do not take our special bond for granted. We love any reason to celebrate and since it’s our 10 year, we headed to Vegas on our actual anniversary to celebrate BIG with 18 of our fave college besties (one of the best parts about meeting in college is that we have the same friends! It’s so fun to all know each other so well and for so long). We feel lucky to have found each other, so why not celebrate that? We wanted to keep it fun, so we renewed our vows at the famous Little White Chapel and then we hosted dinner at Sinatra (inside the Wynn. It’s super yummy and a really special place to us as we always eat there when we are in town. Their branzino is one of my all time fave dishes!) and after dinner we danced the night away next door at Surrender. It was a MAGICAL night. Colby and I’s relationship is always something I cherish, but that night kicked it up a notch. I am just enamored with him and with us (so cheesy, but honestly it’s so true!) It was so cool that all of our friends made the trek (they all have kids and jobs, so it was so kind of them to make time for us). It was a night we will forever cherish!! Here are some quick picts (my For Love and Lemons dress can be found here)

xo, Caro