Hi guys! Happy Thursday! We are almost to Friday and I couldn’t be more excited! This week has lagged for me as I hurt my knee working out and have had to lay low. If you know me, you know I am super active and do not like to sit still, ever! I have ADD and love to be on the go, so this injury has really stolen my sparkle (ha! no, but for real).

Today on Instagram I posted this dress (also here) that I am OBSESSED with and that would be a fab option for Valentine’s Day as it’s perfectly red and pink. The ruffle detailing and sheer panel in the middle are SO fun. If you live somewhere cooler, you could pair this with a light grey or tan boot too! I know Valentine’s day gets a bad/annoying rep, but I personally love it. Not for the lovey dovey stuff it brings with couples (although let’s be real, I do love that too!), but more because I think it is just a reminder to spread love to those around you. I am all about any reason to tell my friends and fam how much they mean to me and that’s what I take from the holiday. I think it’s so fun to get your bestie or sister a cute little something to remind them how fab they are.

Here are some more outfit ideas and some fun gift ideas too:

I hope you all have a fab day! I will be trying to heal this knee and get some looks ready for a shoot tomorrow (let’s hope I can walk like a normal human!)

Happy shopping! xo, Caro


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