The Essential White Tee (12 Favorites Under $100)

You Can Never Have Enough White Tees

Guys, it’s Friday! Woohoo! When I got dressed this morning, I threw on a simple white tee and my favorite jeans. It got me thinking about the fact that I literally wear this combo all the time. I quickly snapped a pic and just shared it on Instagram, because I feel like everyone gets me on this. It’s such a simple outfit, but it also just always works.

This tee has been one of my favorites as it’s only $32, I love the easy fit (I am wearing a small) and I can’t handle the fun fluttery sleeves! I will link this whole look at the bottom of this post, but you should know these jeans are on sale and these neutral heels are under $100.

Back to the essential tee and jeans combo. It really comes down to having a good plethora of white tees, which I am always working on. Since white ages so quickly and because trends come and go, I like to keep mine wallet friendly. I also like options that are not so fitted, as I love a good front tuck and easy fit.

Here are 12 cute ones that I am loving:

I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend! We are double dating tonight with Brett (Colby’s best friend) and his wife Nichole, who I adore! I know I have talked about it on here before, but I feel so lucky that my hubby’s bestie has such a fab wife who I get along with so well. Then the rest of the weekend we have open, which is so nice. We are off on an adventure for the 4th next week, so I gotta get packing! Cheers, friends!

Happy Shopping! xo, Caro



Hair Talk: Products I Use

(Spoiler Alert! They Are All Drugstore Finds)

Hi guys! I have been getting so many messages about my hair lately, so I wanted to share what products I use. I feel so flattered, but I also feel like I am going to really let you all down when you see my product line up! Fashion is 100% my thing, but beauty….not so much! That being said, I too love hearing what others have tried and love, so I am happy to give my favorites. I just posted this fun Free People dress on Instagram too, so sharing those details at the bottom of this post!

Also to start, I do think most of it is genetics. I am blessed to have super thick, but super unruly hair that I got from my momma (her mane is still super thick and amazing!) I do take 5,000mg of Biotin a day. Not sure it does anything, but I do feel like since I started taking it two years ago my hair has gotten healthier. So I can’t claim any of these simple products will work for you guys, but here you go!

I only wash my hair about twice a week and I use this Not Your Mother’s shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling clean and I secretly think it helps it grow. I follow up with this hair mask from Kerastase. I use this only on the bottom half of my hair and I leave it on for about 3 minutes.

Before I blow dry, I spray this Not Your Mother’s leave-in conditioner in my hair (again only on the bottom half…never put anything on your roots if you want volume!) After combing that through with this wide tooth comb, I dry my hair within 10 minutes. I think if you let it get too dry you lose volume. I use this Goody round brush (a round brush is a MUST for volume) and dry my hair in sections. After my hair is dry, before I straighten it, I use a dime to quarter size of this serum from Paul Mitchell. You know those mini kiosks at Ulta when you check out with all the goodies? I found this there and it’s a lifesaver!

I straighten out all my kinks and follow up by lightly waving with this curling iron. Yep, I use a Conair $24.99 iron!! I know, I should so invest in a wand, but I have tried them and honestly just don’t like the way the waves/curls look on me. I love a big, soft wave versus the trendy waves with straight ends that everyone does. I take the bottom half of my hair and wrap it around the iron going away from face. After I curl my whole head, I always flip up my ends…I kinda made this up as I just think it gives more volume!

I let the curls sit atleast a half hour before brushing through as this makes the wave last longer. I finish with more of the Paul Mitchell serum and on days when it feels frizzy or static-y, I spray this Static Guard on my hand and use it to weigh down the flyaways (again, I made this up, not sure its proper to do, but it does work!!) On non-wash days, I SWEAR by this dry shampoo from Dove. I have tried all the super expensive ones like Oribe and I am telling you, this one works wonders! Gives so much volume!

Shop all these products below:

Ok, thats it! Please message me or DM on Instagram if you have any questions! Below are all the products I use.
Happy Tuesday! Heart you all!

Here are my outfit details:

xo, Caro