My Current Activewear Favorites

Hey friends! Happy mid-January! This month seems to be the biggest blur so far and I have yet to set any resolutions. To be honest, I am not much for this time of year as I think it’s all a bit overwhelming (and truthfully annoying). All the “new year, new me” talk… I mean I LOVE thinking ahead and planning for the year, but enough with trying to redo your whole life! And I know most people kick up their workouts and clean up their diets, but I find that all to be a bit annoying too and really feel like most people are just saying all that because they feel like they are supposed to or they should. In my older age, I prefer to just live life fully and do all things in moderation year round. I feel like drastic changes and overhauls are often unsuccessful (right?!!!) With that, I am always an avid believer that moving your body a little everyday (or most days) is good for the mind + the soul, so I do appreciate all the new activewear that comes out at this time of the year.

Today on Instagram I shared these fun starry leggings that I have been loving. They have built in underwear, which is absolutely amazing, right?!! I love the metallic foil stars- I mean just so fab!! These are a bit spendy, but below are a ton of super cute options and most are under $100. I love that it’s on trend to wear all these prints! From leopard to camo…I love them all! And I also included my go-to tanks from Spirtual Gangster. I live in them!!

The Activewear I Am Loving

So just to cap off my rant today, do what makes you happy and have fun doing it! That should be what we all strive for, always. Heart you guys!

xo, Caro

Pink and Red Pieces for Valentine’s Day

Hiii guys! Happy Friday! I am mindblown that it is already January 11th, which means we are just a month away from Valentine’s Day. One of my most favorite holidays (sorry, I know most don’t LOVE it…but I love me some love and any reason to show it). I plan on wearing this fabulous pink mini that I just shared on Instagram, but I also love the idea of a simple pink knit, boyfriend jeans and fun heels too. Whether you are going to be spending it with your boo or your gal pals, I have linked some really fun ideas below.

Pieces For Your Valentine’s Day

Totally obsessing over that red long sleeved Mara Hoffman….might need that one as a back up option! But for real, even if you are not all lovey dovey, it’s a great day to remind anyone in your life that you love them and are grateful for them. Time goes so quick, we all get so busy, so I love that there is a day that is all about spreading some love. With that, heart you guys! Thanks for reading along and as always, please email if you ever need a thing!

Happy Shopping (and weekend!!)

xo, Caro 

New Year, New Shopbop Sale Finds

Happy 2019, friends! Feeling like the past first few days of this new year have been a total blur, but always excited for a fresh start. There are tons of sales going on right now, including a major one over on SO many fun finds that you can wear now, so shop away!

Shopbop January 2019 Sale

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday break! Ours was so so dreamy. Started with a quick fun night in Vegas followed by a week in Charlotte, NC where my parents live. Made it back to the West Coast in time for my bday (new year’s eve!) and had the best best best mini getaway + celebration just Colby + I. SO fun. Now it’s time to gear up for 2019! I love this time of year as it’s a great time to reflect and plan for what’s next. Starting with shopping these sale finds!! Ha!

Happy weekend, happy shopping, happy new year!

xo, Caro