Matching Set Styled Three Ways

Hi friends! I posted these three looks to my Instagram today and had so many messages from people saying they enjoyed seeing the different styling, so I am sharing all the details on here too!

How I Styled a Matching Set Three Ways

First some quick backstory. I know you all know how much I love clothes, bags, shoes etc. And yes, I love to shop for sure, but nothing gets my fashion soul more excited than the actual act of styling of outfits. I spend hours putting together tons of different versions of looks. I take pictures that I then go back and look at before making the final choice! I honestly have so much fun with it and thrive when I finalize a good one.

That being said, my best and most favorite finds are those that I can’t decide which version I like best. Pieces that are versatile and can be worn tons of ways are the gems of my closet and should be in yours too! When I shopping, I try to always think about the different ways a piece can be worn before purchasing. Especially if they are a tad spendy, like this set I am sharing today. It’s not crazy expensive, but each piece is above $100, so it was important for me to know I could wear them separately as well as together.

First, I styled just the top with this fun denim skirt (on sale!) and my favorite silver Loeffler Randal heels. This was actually what I wore to lunch with my fam yesterday, so sharing a pict of it below (with my cutest hubby, Colby in his Golden Goose that I have to beg him to wear!) The cropped fit and frilly detailing on this top are my fave! So so fun. It’s very airy and just totally comfy. Obviously when it’s colder out it will be really cute with a higher waisted pair of jeans too. To me, nothing beats a cute top + denim mini in the Summer!

Second, I styled the skirt with this essential band tee and my most worn and favorite Golden Goose sneakers. Guys, I have pushed these and pushed these on Instagram, but only because I know if you get them you will wear them and LOVE. The neutral star makes them very wearable. I added on these champagne gold laces that I found on Amazon (the 46inch flat are the ones I got. I also got the silver, white, pink and red…because SO fun). Back to this outfit, this is my real life go-to look when I erranding. The tee is edgy & casual, the skirt is girly & more dressy and the sneaks are comfortable.

And for the last look, I put the two pieces together. If you watched my stories, I did not like this at first because it was frumpy until I added a belt! Since the top is a tad wide and not fitted, I think adding a belt is essential to make it more feminine and to break up the print. This version would be so fun for a Summer soiree or night out.

Going into Fall, this skirt with a cozy knit and over the knee boots? YES. I mean the options are really endless and now that I know you guys enjoy this type of post, I am going to start doing more of them. Like I said, I thrive on this. And I know for some it’s not fun and struggle, so I love love to help with that!

Here are all the pieces of these three looks.

Pieces From These Looks

Happy Shopping!

xo, Caro