Valentine’s Day Outfit + Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is inching up on us and it’s one of my MOST favorite holidays ever! I know most people tend to hate it, but I think it’s just an excuse to remind all those in your life how much you love them. Sometimes we all get so busy and in our routines that we forget to tell our friends, fam and close ones that that mean alot to us, you know?

Since things still suck (aka we can’t even go out to eat here), this year is going to obviously be a bit different. To be honest, I am SO fine with that because going out to eat on actual vday is always kinda drama anyways! But that does not mean I am not about to get all glammed up (haha, like I have to even mention this to you guys) in something cute! And this pink maxi dress would be a FABULOUS option! I dressed it down a bit with a GG sneaker, but you could 100% dress it up with heel or bootie too. The color is insane, right? Obsessed!!

Here are some other cute outfit ideas, cozy night in ideas, gifts ideas etc.

Valentine’s Day Outfits + Gifts

This LSF dress I wore last weekend would be a cute cute option too. Its way comfy & I can’t wait to wear it again already!

Quick sidenote: I think one of the most important things to keep your relationship alive is to always TRY. Just because you have been together for so many years (hello 20 for Colby and I!!!) does not mean you just give up and wear sweats every night. Even in Covid times! I am all about keeping it fresh and dressing up, putting on some makeup and being cute for my bae (atleast every now and then!) I think it shows you care and love someone when you put in the effort to look your best….ok sidenote rant over, haha!

Whatever you choose to do for the holiday, just know I adore you all! This space and being able to do this as my job is still so cool to me and I am forever grateful for you guys reading and following along on my Instagram.

Have a great day & happy shopping!

XO, Caro