My New Bedroom from Tuft & Needle

As you guys know, we just moved into our new house a few months ago and one of the first things we did was change out all our bedding. After doing a bunch of research online, I decided on Tuft & Needle as their online reviews were amazing and they sell everything you need to create a dreamy bed.

In our last home, we were all about the darker tones and heavier looking pillows, but with our new house being super close to the beach, we decided to go fully light and airy. We picked out the Percale Sheet set and coordinating shams and pillowcases in the cloud color and I love them! They are soft, comfy and just a refreshing change from what we used to have.

When I was looking around on their site, I noticed they carry duvets and pillows too! We have had our old duvet and pillows for far too many years, so I figured why not order those as well. I chose the down alternative duvet insert in the lightweight option and the down alternative pillows. Both Colby and I have allergies, so I love that they offer these! We have been loving both. They are so plush, like 5 star hotel status. Plus, it’s so refreshing knowing that they are both so new and fresh for our new space.

The last thing I randomly picked out from them that we are now obsessed with is a white noise machine! Have you ever slept with one? It was impluse decision, but we both are addicted to it now as it really helps create a serene sleeping space. It’s super small, which I love because it doesn’t take up much space and you can take it with you when you travel if you want. I feel like it fits in with our bedroom vibe perfectly.

I cannot recommend Tuft & Needle enough! From the ease of the online ordering, to the quality of their products, I am so happy with it all. One less thing to have to worry over with our big move!

Linking everything I ordered from them below.

My Comfy Tuft & Needle Bedroom Necessities

Email me if you have any questions!

Happy sleeping, xx, Caro

*this post was sponsored, but the opinions included are 100% my own