Hi, my fashion loving friends! I just got home from the madness that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and let me tell you, it was CRAZY! I felt like it was Black Friday! My Nordy’s, the South Coast Plaza location, is already always insanely busy, but today it was a sea of people. I even had one women try to push me out of the way for a coat…don’t worry I won!

So truth be told, I am so NOT a sale person. I bet you already guessed that about me, but I do love this sale. That’s because it’s items that are new and will go back to normal prices after the sale. First I am going to share the items I tried on and loved and then I will share the items I didn’t see in person, but am eyeing or buying.

Sorry for the mass of dressing room mirror selfies, but I think it’s always fab to actually see pieces on a person. Hover over the image to see info!

Here are the links to shop all those pieces:

And now to the items I am eyeing! I just spent way too long searching, but am amazed at all the things I didnt see today. I did try on these sunnies and loved them, but couldn’t wait in another line. But they are sassy and cute! I definitely need that Simple Human mirror and the little cognac booties!

What I Am Eyeing:

Happy Shopping friends! Let me know if you have any questions about sizing!

xo, Caro


Gotta Have It At These Prices Pieces!

Hi guys! There are so many Summer sales going on right now, so I wanted to share some things I am eyeing! All of these finds are buy now, wear now pieces (which I love). Plus, check out all of the super amazing designer bags! I am actually dying that so many of these beauties are on sale. I literally want them all! And don’t miss this simple, easy knit that I posted on Instagram awhile ago- it’s SO wearable.

My Summery Sale Picks

I hope you all have the best 4th of July tomorrow! We are off to Portland, OR (where Colby my hubby is from) and I am so excited for a little getaway and fam time! I have only been there in the Winter months (when it’s cold and rainy), so I am really looking forward to experiencing it when it’s warm (and hopefully sunny!)

Happy Shopping!

xo, Caro

You Can Never Have Enough White Tees

Guys, it’s Friday! Woohoo! When I got dressed this morning, I threw on a simple white tee and my favorite jeans. It got me thinking about the fact that I literally wear this combo all the time. I quickly snapped a pic and just shared it on Instagram, because I feel like everyone gets me on this. It’s such a simple outfit, but it also just always works.

This tee has been one of my favorites as it’s only $32, I love the easy fit (I am wearing a small) and I can’t handle the fun fluttery sleeves! I will link this whole look at the bottom of this post, but you should know these jeans are on sale and these neutral heels are under $100.

Back to the essential tee and jeans combo. It really comes down to having a good plethora of white tees, which I am always working on. Since white ages so quickly and because trends come and go, I like to keep mine wallet friendly. I also like options that are not so fitted, as I love a good front tuck and easy fit.

Here are 12 cute ones that I am loving:

I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend! We are double dating tonight with Brett (Colby’s best friend) and his wife Nichole, who I adore! I know I have talked about it on here before, but I feel so lucky that my hubby’s bestie has such a fab wife who I get along with so well. Then the rest of the weekend we have open, which is so nice. We are off on an adventure for the 4th next week, so I gotta get packing! Cheers, friends!

Happy Shopping! xo, Caro



(Spoiler Alert! They Are All Drugstore Finds)

Hi guys! I have been getting so many messages about my hair lately, so I wanted to share what products I use. I feel so flattered, but I also feel like I am going to really let you all down when you see my product line up! Fashion is 100% my thing, but beauty….not so much! That being said, I too love hearing what others have tried and love, so I am happy to give my favorites. I just posted this fun Free People dress on Instagram too, so sharing those details at the bottom of this post!

Also to start, I do think most of it is genetics. I am blessed to have super thick, but super unruly hair that I got from my momma (her mane is still super thick and amazing!) I do take 5,000mg of Biotin a day. Not sure it does anything, but I do feel like since I started taking it two years ago my hair has gotten healthier. So I can’t claim any of these simple products will work for you guys, but here you go!

I only wash my hair about twice a week and I use this Not Your Mother’s shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling clean and I secretly think it helps it grow. I follow up with this hair mask from Kerastase. I use this only on the bottom half of my hair and I leave it on for about 3 minutes.

Before I blow dry, I spray this Not Your Mother’s leave-in conditioner in my hair (again only on the bottom half…never put anything on your roots if you want volume!) After combing that through with this wide tooth comb, I dry my hair within 10 minutes. I think if you let it get too dry you lose volume. I use this Goody round brush (a round brush is a MUST for volume) and dry my hair in sections. After my hair is dry, before I straighten it, I use a dime to quarter size of this serum from Paul Mitchell. You know those mini kiosks at Ulta when you check out with all the goodies? I found this there and it’s a lifesaver!

I straighten out all my kinks and follow up by lightly waving with this curling iron. Yep, I use a Conair $24.99 iron!! I know, I should so invest in a wand, but I have tried them and honestly just don’t like the way the waves/curls look on me. I love a big, soft wave versus the trendy waves with straight ends that everyone does. I take the bottom half of my hair and wrap it around the iron going away from face. After I curl my whole head, I always flip up my ends…I kinda made this up as I just think it gives more volume!

I let the curls sit atleast a half hour before brushing through as this makes the wave last longer. I finish with more of the Paul Mitchell serum and on days when it feels frizzy or static-y, I spray this Static Guard on my hand and use it to weigh down the flyaways (again, I made this up, not sure its proper to do, but it does work!!) On non-wash days, I SWEAR by this dry shampoo from Dove. I have tried all the super expensive ones like Oribe and I am telling you, this one works wonders! Gives so much volume!

Shop all these products below:

Ok, thats it! Please message me or DM on Instagram if you have any questions! Below are all the products I use.
Happy Tuesday! Heart you all!

Here are my outfit details:

xo, Caro

Hi friends! Happy Thursday! Loving this quickie week after the holiday Monday, aren’t you guys? We had the most amazing time (per usual) in Vegas last weekend! I have been feeling so full of smiles since we got home just because it was a much-needed getaway and love how it always resets both Colby and I. It’s so great to have a place that is “yours” where you both feel so relaxed!

Anyways, today on Instagram I shared this fab jumpsuit that I am wearing today and it made me want to search around for similar options because I am obsessed! Funny enough, I used to never do jumpsuits and rompers as I felt they didn’t fit me right…but something has changed because I have found so many lately that fit cute!

Here are a bunch that I want (lol, send help!)

I hope you guys have a great day today! Mine is busy busy! But can’t be too mad because the weekend is already in sight…woohoo!

Happy Shopping! xo, Caro