Our Dreamy Closets from California Closets

Hi guys! Finally sharing all the details and pictures of our fabulous closets done by California Closets. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my Cloffice (closet + office) and my closet are my sanctuary! When we were building our new home, all I cared about was getting each of the spaces done properly.

Colby and I started researching closet companies months ahead of moving in and everything we read online and heard from friends, lead us to California Closets. We wanted each of our closets and my Cloffice to be done to the nines, to feel luxe and to give us the most organization as possible.

Setting up a meeting and getting the process started was so simple and easy! We had a few initial email conversations with Missy Almester, who works locally here in Orange County, and she was so helpful, knowledgeable and QUICK (which we both love). If we had a question or anything, she would reply back immediately and never made us feel annoying. 10/10 for customer service!

We worked with her over email on our basic wants and needs and then met with her at the showroom (which was so fun!!) to go over it all in person. The showroom has tons of examples for you to see, which is so helpful. Missy had a whole presentation set up for us and walked us through each space thoroughly. We were able to see our future closets large on a big screen and able to pick out finishes and options right there. We had given her a budget during initial conversations and she was so good about helping us stay within that number.

After that one in person meeting, we continued the process via email and it was seriously just so easy. We set up the install date and when the team came to do it all, they were so professional and amazing!

Colby’s shoes wall

Quick notes about some things we chose and love! First, in each of our closets we chose to get drawers for all our personal items. We got dividers in our sock drawers and underwear drawers that are so so helpful! I love that I can keep my athletic socks separate from my cozy ones. We also both got laundry hampers, which are honestly life changing. I love that they are discreet and that we each have our own. It’s a dream not having a laundry basket taking up space (and being an eye sore). We are both obsessed with our shoe walls! I did one in each of my spaces and it makes keeping shoes organized so easy.

Now onto the details of my Cloffice. Can we just have a moment for how great it turned out?! I wanted a few shelves for my bags to sit on and I love the way they turned out. It’s so nice to be able to see them all and that I don’t have to squish them all into a tiny area (like I use to). I also wanted a few shelves for the current shoes I am loving/styling and again, I love the way it turned it. Simple, clean and so useable. The last thing I really wanted was a cabinet with doors where I could store all my belts and archive bags that I am not using, but want to keep special. We added glass doors and it’s so plush! I keep my old Celine bags in there and I feel like they are getting the treatment and display they deserve!

For me, my Cloffice is my creative haven, so I love that I now have the proper space and organization. It really is a dream and I feel so lucky to have worked with California Closets on this. Both Colby and I love our personal closets so much- they are plush, spacious and just make it so we stay so so much more organized. If you are building a home, re-doing your home or updating your space, I highly recommend using California Closets! You won’t regret it. If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to email me.

xx, Caro