What To Wear On Thanksgiving

So apparently Thanksgiving is just TWO WEEKS away! How is that possible? Even with Covid stay more at home life, time seems to be flying, right? I always love to dress up for turkey day and this year I plan to 100% do the same even with the circumstances. But if dressing up is not your thing, don’t worry I have a ton of outfit ideas for you!

If you like to keep it comfy, dressed down, but still cute, here are four outfit options for you (I linked each piece under the collage):

  1. Comfy jeans, simple cami + a cozy teddy coat
  2. Comfy jeans, graphic sweatshirt + sneaks
  3. Cozy matching set (wearing small in both pieces) + sneaks
  4. Cozy cardi knitworn in jeans

Now if you want to be a little more dressed up, but still super comfy, I would go with a long dress. I adore all four of these options and will for sure be wearing at least one of them over the course of next weekend.

  1. Cozy matching set + sneaks
  2. Fun boho chic maxi, hat + boots
  3. Turtleneck sweater dress + booties
  4. Dark floral maxi, leather moto + slouchy boots

And lastly, if you are more like me, you want to sass it up just a bit for fun! I mean with all that we have all been through this year, I am using any excuse to break out some more dressed up pieces like these four below (which they are all more dressy, but honestly all four sooo comf too). When I was choosing these, I did not mean to do all knee boots, but I guess it just goes to show that I am obsessed with them right now! Plus they add a little sass to any look and that’s what I am always going for.

  1. Swingy boho dress (cute but leaves all the room for that pumpkin pie!)
  2. Cozy, fun knit mini
  3. Pink plaid shacket + simple sweater dress (plus my fave Gucci belt)
  4. Essential LBD 

And there are my 12 ideas for Thanksgiving outfits! I hope I gave you girls some fun ideas and inspo. I am so so excited for the holiday week as my parents are coming over from North Carolina and I am excited to just hangout, relax and catch up with them. With Covid and everything, I havent gotten to see my parents like normal and it’s been so so tough. I know so many of you are with me. Going to fully try to just absorb the fam time!

Hugs to you all,

xx, Caro